About Us

SPACE architecture engineering limited is packed with architects and artists who are aware of the ability of space to create positive changes in people’s lifestyles. We give an aesthetic perspective look to your office, showroom, home, factory or hotel depending upon your taste. We design details, renovate, decorate and construct dreams. We are problem solvers and skilled creators of yours.




Our designer are not only limited by imagination and creativity but are continually growing and changing. Since space is getting limited, we are focusing on developing solution to improve the living environment of the commercial and residential space, which takes into account health and budget issues that can affect the equipment’s.

We are not only in the science of creation, but we also supervise, monitor and oversee to ensure our clients are fully satisfied. We are dedicated to perfection. Thus we take interior design as an advice from a doctor.


Professionalism and perfection is our motto, We leave no stones unturned to reach for the best results. We are a group of enthusiastic people who believe in dedication and sincerity in  whatever we do.

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